SITREP 003 - The GBF

SITREP 003 - The GBF

18 Series Bag Company              SITREP 003                 25 November 2021

 Announcing our partnership with the Green Beret Foundation.

It only makes sense for us to team up with the Green Beret Foundation (GBF) for a fundraiser. It is a phenomenal organization that helps Green Berets and their families.

The mission of the Green Beret Foundation is to provide Special Forces soldiers and their families with emergent, immediate and ongoing support. They are the premier organization that stands with Green Berets and their families to reduce all of life's burdens, enabling them to achieve their full potential in service to our country and living a purposeful life.

I can attest that the GBF lives to this. In 2011 I hit a roadside bomb that rocked me. It created a weird overpressure in my head. Without any prompt, the GBF sent $1,000 for needed items while I was hospitalized. They also paid for my wife’s flight from Germany so that she could in-process me into the spinal rehabilitation center in Atlanta, GA.

The compassion in those raw moments is so important. It's that tiny bit of compassion that goes incredibly far because it reaches a broken guy, who’s in a bad physical place, who can get further into a bad headspace, really quickly. I think that having felt the benevolence of the Green Beret Foundation and having lived through it myself, I realized that they have an important mission and a wonderful outreach program.

I reached out to Executive Director Brent Cooper, who loved the idea. Brent wanted to ensure that it was mutually beneficial. Partnering with the GBF would allow for our small start-up to gain huge exposure and generate donations at the same time. The idea was that we could sell our Tactical Fanny from Black Friday to 18 Jan, our official launch at SHOT SHOW in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Our fanny pack is the most detailed bag in our entire line of bags. It’s kind of funny to us that this little bag has drawn all of our attention. It makes me think of when guys discuss pistols. The pistol is the least lethal weapon system in the US. Army but it is likely the most debated. Our fanny pack is the smallest bag by volume and the smallest bag that 18 Series creates, but a lot of energy went into the design and manufacture of this bag.

The Fanny pack is cool because it has three mechanisms of attachment. The Fanny can be worn as a fanny, over the pistol belt, or under the front flap of body armor. It also comes organically to our 18C and 18D bags. It is a versatile little bag. Within the campaign, we are going to donate a portion of the profit to the GBF. I want this to be beneficial for everyone. We only want the best for our guys and when there is a gap in care, we must support the benevolent organizations that fill the gap.

We need to refocus to take care of the living. We have a lot of dudes out there that need help. If guys in SF are at the point that they are reaching out for help, you know that it’s gone to a point that they’ve lost some ability to control it or affect it. That’s why organizations like this are so important. I know my kind; problems can become catastrophic quickly. It’s important to intervene before it’s gone too far.

I volunteered for the GBF for four years as the 10th Special Forces Rep at Ft. Carson, CO. I enjoyed linking up GBs that were in need with the GBF. Now that I am transitioning from the US Army, I feel that I can still serve the Foundation and at the same time as building our brand awareness with what we’re trying to do.

Here is the link to the fanny pack. We’re quite proud of it. It’s custom-made in America.  Designed by Green Berets. We priced this Fanny at $79.99. I put one in my truck with a tourniquet and gauze, just in case I'm the first to an accident.  

We’ve pledged to give as much as we can to the GBF.

Here’s a link for the GBF.

Even if you do not choose to purchase our Fanny, we ask that you find a meaningful organization that helps our guys. They desperately need it.

Let me know what you think in the comment section below. 

Always forward.  - Matt

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