The Tactical (MED/Breaching/Commo) Fanny

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Introducing our 18 Series Tactical Fanny.  

Great things come in small packages

This Fanny comes in 3 versatile carrying configurations;
- Worn as a traditional Fanny
- Velcro'd under the front flap of body armor
- Carried over a combat belt 


"I leave one in my truck with medical supplies in it.  It's a compact bag that fits in my door and could save someone's life if needed." Jesse, 10th SFG(A)

"I think this is a fanny that should have been made a long while ago, but the tactical fanny Gods waited until a competent human with the knowledge of a skilled soul snatcher could make one. It's extremely functional for the SOF Operator or the Retired War Hippie for the appropriate shooter and doobie storage. Ya done good my man. #DOL"


Built with bungee's underneath for quick access tourniquets. 

The back is lined with 2 AND 4-inch velcro flaps allowing for different carrying configurations and also attaches to the top of the Delta and Zulu

A sleeve on the back allows the waist belt neatly tucked away.  

CHEM LIGHT holders in the front

The front zipper pouch is great for ID cards, badges, or fast access Copenhagen.  

The inside is covered in velcro pile tape to secure items, with an internal pocket for any important documents.

Folds completely flat, allowing for any private electronic equipment to be stowed.   

**Berry Compliant** Made by proud Americans
 **Pending NSN**
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