The Tactical (MED/Breaching/Commo) Fanny

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The Tactical Fanny

Whether you love spending the weekend at your local range, enjoy hunting trips up to Colorado, or simply need to stay organized when you’re hiking your favorite trails the right bag can make it easy to be prepared for whatever comes next.

That’s why we developed these heavy-duty, multipurpose tactical fanny packs that are equally versatile for firearm enthusiasts as they are hikers, hunters, or people always ready to grab their go bag. Able to slide over a combat belt, affix to the underside of body armor, or even secure to a backpack or rucksack this compact, yet spacious fanny pack can help you keep must-have essentials within easy reach.

Store Magazines, First Aid Accessories, or EDC Items with a Tactical Fanny Pack from 18 Series Bag Company


Key Product Features 

All-Purpose Military Fanny Pack – Ideal for everyday carry (EDC) this fanny pack for men provides tactical organization and readiness for essentials such as first aid gear, RSI, G19, initiators, tourniquets, extra magazines, small med kit, and more.

Tactical Storage and Carry Bag – This tactical fanny pack can be worn on a belt around the waist, attached to a backpack, ruck, or go-bag, or even hooked to a MOLLE system or webbing on a vest or general purpose bag.  

Chem Light Holders and Pocket – Each 18 Series Bag Company hunting fanny pack features three elastic sleeves for holding chem lights and has a front-access zippered pocket that’s good for keys, a smartphone, an ID card, a badge, or a can of dip.

Hunting, Range Days, and Training – Our multipurpose black, tan, ranger green, and camo fanny packs can be used for tons of rugged needs including deer hunting, Airsoft, as an EDC carry pouch, fishing, and other outdoor adventures.

Lightweight and Rugged Nylon – This premium men’s fanny pack can stand up to all your personal and professional uses because it’s made with tear and water-resistant nylon that can stand up to every environment and all types of terrain.

Product Details:

  • Tactical Fanny Pack for Men
  • Rugged Nylon Craftsmanship
  • Reinforced Pull Zippers
  • Spacious Interior Storage Area
  • Accessible Exterior Pocket
  • Three (3) Chem Light Holders
  • Attaches to Belts, Bags, and More

Roomy Interior Pocket
The main pocket on our fanny pack can be used to store tons of EDC items such as knives, med kits, a small pistol, breaching initiators, deer calls, and so much more.

Multipurpose Configurations
The 2- and 4-Inch hook-and-loop straps on the backside of our bag mean it can work with Delta and Zulu bags, as well as belts, backpacks, and military-grade rucks.

Designed for Everyday Carry Items
Mobility is important, especially when it comes to staying tactically and technically proficient. The 18 Series Bag Company fanny pack is sized to support all your gear, accessories, and equipment that is small and portable, so you can be better prepared to react and respond in real-time with reliability and confidence.

Multiple Colors for Personal and Professional Use
We want our fanny packs to be used in the field, at the beach, or when you’re shopping downtown with your family. That’s why they come in a variety of colors—and can be carried in multiple ways—so you’re always ready for whatever comes next.

Built-In Bungee
There’s a strong, flexible bungee on the underside of our tactical fanny pack to make it easy to keep a few tourniquets on hand just in case you run out of room on the inside.

Compact Design
This nylon gag can completely fold flat to make it easier to stick inside larger bags when it’s not being used. It’s also great for protecting smaller electronic equipment.

Hook-and-Loop Tape
On the inside of our tactical fanny pack, you’ll also find velcro pile tape that can be unfurled to secure a pair of keys, important documents, or other items you want to better secure.


"This bag is solid and well-made. You can tell that the designer knows a thing or two about tactical gear; well-thought-out webbing and straps for various types of missions, solid, reliable hardware, and the correct balance of low profile and storage space. It fits everything I need, plus an extra can of cope wintergreen. This thing goes everywhere with me now; either as EDC or a dangler on my low-profile rig.

Additionally, the founders of 18 Series are former Green Berets and well-respected within the community as humble entrepreneurs and class acts. Support actual real-life American heroes by buying from this company." Chris P


"I think this is a fanny that should have been made a long while ago, but the tactical fanny Gods waited until a competent human with the knowledge of a skilled soul snatcher could make one. It's extremely functional for the SOF Operator or the Retired War Hippie for the appropriate shooter and doobie storage. Ya done good my man. #DOL" - Travis

**Berry Compliant** Made by proud Americans
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