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**UPDATE** 01 FEB 2023

We have finally met a new manufacturer who will build our Charlie bag at a much lower price point.  

We have placed a large order for the black Charlie Load-Out Bag, it has been our most popular color.  We expect them to arrive in 90 - 120 days. 

The price point for the new Black Charlie Load-Out Bag is $350.00 each.  

We will have a limited supply for FY23 so if your unit is interested in standardizing load-out bags have them call or email to pre-order NOW. 

The Charlie Load-Out Bag is one of our favorites. This versatile bag might look and smell like the rest, but we've spent some time making this bag purpose-built.  

We set out to design a new industry standard.  

Unzip the Charlie Load-Out Bag to find it lays out completely flat. 18C's will understand. 

The Charlie bag can be tailored for everyday use or forward operations.  Our load-out bag splays flat for easy access.  

The Charlie bag stacks perfectly on a pallet, making it the go-to bag for units looking to standardize load-outs. 

Just like the 18C, this bag is Mission Critical.  

Our Load-Out Bag is made to order.  Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

**Berry Compliant** Made by proud Americans
 **Pending NSN**
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