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Our DELTA Bag is a Berry Compliant, all-in-one, bag capable of carrying critical medical supplies, UAS drones, EOD equipment, or anything else a expeditionary detachment needs to conduct operations. 

We've designed this bag with modularity in mind. Modularity allows for user-definable mission load-out and includes six color-coded transparent pouches

The 18 Series DELTA bag consists of 3 components: a Sustainment bag, an Assault bag, and a Fanny pack.

Combine all three together as a complete system and you're ready to deploy. Get to the objective and zip off the assault pack to provide ground-force support.  Or hang the sustainment bag inside the surgical tent for extra supplies.  

Wear the fanny pack on your belt or attached to your kit. Pack it with a small medkit, breaching initiators, or your dip, and be ready for work.  


Capable of providing enough supplies for multi-day operations. This large capacity sustainment bag lays completely flat providing quick access and cross-functional capability. Identify life-saving supplies needed for a mass casualty operation, fly your drone right out of the bag, or bring enough breaching supplies for the block party. Place this bag in the back of each truck and have all the supplies needed for multi-day operations.  


Quickly unzip our Assault bag from the truck bag and get into the house. Fast-tech buckles allow for quick attachment to body armor or backpack straps to run through the house. CHEM light retention straps on the outside of the packs allow for easy identification, both in the air and on the ground. 

Fanny pack

Carry Narcs, tourniquets, RSI, G19, initiators, or dip and snacks. This tactical fanny pack can be integrated with a tactical belt or velcroed under your body armor front flap.  

Delivered in: Static Line/HALO OR slick configuration.

Environmental characteristics: All-weather capable, water-resistant, quick-drying, fire-resistant, and innovative in character.

Design for all users: Frame agnostic, static or mobile, backpack or truck mountable, and air-droppable configurations to meet any level of user demand. From the tactical combat environment to the operational service and support, 18 Series bags can be used by the user in all functional roles.

18 Series bags pose little to no technical risk: All independent research and development (IRAD) are conducted utilizing Berry compliant fabric, countering adversarial Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures, and conforming to the U.S Army Airborne Test Board, minimizing the overall risk associated with high-risk training and operations. 

Our Delta Bag is made to order.  Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

**Berry Compliant** Made by proud Americans
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