SITREP 001 - Welcome to the Thunderdome

SITREP 001 - Welcome to the Thunderdome

18 Series Bag Company       SITREP 001                             13 November 2021

Moving forward, future 18 Series Bag Company situation reports (SITREPs) will discuss three things: starting our own business, my expedition to retire from the Army, and the creation of our tactical bag line for the 18 Series Bag Company.

Each week, I’ll update the SITREP with how everything is coming along and discuss the trials and tribulations of starting a business. People wanting to do ‘hand-shake’ deals, intending only to take advantage of you. People using words like ‘long-term relationships’ and ‘transparency’, buzzwords that folks use but never intend to follow through with. Consider these trials our lessons learned. On the flip side, I would like to call out all the people who encouraged us to start our own company. My goal is to let the reader know that they can do it too.

In speaking about the future for 18 Series Bag Company, we’ll discuss internal decisions and how we came to tough answers like;
-  Why our price point is above the average consumer bag and why we decided to begin with Berry compliant bags.
-  Explain the National Stock Number (NSN) system and why NSNs are important.
-  Describe contracting mechanisms like the Simplified Acquisition Threshold (SAT) Supply Procurement Program (S2P2) and Tailored Logistic Support (TLS), both are mechanisms that military units utilize to conduct large purchases.
It’s not our desire to bore you, it’s just the opposite. We want to educate you, pass on what we’ve learned. Knowing the ins and outs of acquisitions and procurement makes for a more lethal soldier because you can get your folks the kit they need.

Lastly, retiring from the U.S. Army Special Forces. I’ll tell you that after serving in a single unit for almost two straight decades, I felt terrible leaving. In my decision to direct my energy elsewhere, I have had to overcome feelings that I am letting everyone down. It is almost unbelievable that I have that pit in my stomach about moving on. For those unclear of what to do, I’ll write the occasional SITREP on what’s required and what’s not, the mandatory to-do’s, and how I’m navigating the retirement process. Mandatory military programs are like casinos, the house is always going to win. If you can understand that and play by that rule and let the house win, but get what YOU need out of the process. There’s only a handful of things to do to satisfy the mandatory Army gods, so I feel that passing on some helpful guidance might help a few folks.

Always forward. Matt

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  • K1 actual

    Thanks “Kilo 1”. Your point is exactly what we were after, building the kit we wish we would have had. As for the real K1, he is still on a team wishing he had my bags…..

  • Kilo 1

    First off your gear is top notch. Wish we had more like it over the years in SOF. Regardless, glad it’s here now.
    Do you happen to know who the real kilo 1 is?

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