The JED Concealment Bag

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Working PSD, close protection, or a demonstration downtown?

Never get caught with just a 9mm.  Give yourself the ability to defend your life with a rifle for greater standoff.  

The main compartment is lined with a VS-17 panel and easily carries a Personal Defense Weapon (PDW), M4 with folded stock, or pistol (roughly 22 inches long). 


The second compartment is lined with pile tape. This provides enough real estate to attach our modular ammo pouch (with Hook tape on the back), a place for a visa, knife, and/or enough OPFUND to get out of town. 


Deployed? Get two of the same color and leave one at the team house. Pack an extra mag, your passport, OPFUND, and be ready to skedaddle if it hits the fan. Get to your rally point, wait for trans, provide the VS17 signal, and get out there!

Don't get caught without it. 

**In Stock** 


"It zips with zero issues at all. Don't even have to tug it to zip it shut. I have been searching for the perfect bag for this SBR for years. I don't even remember how I discovered 18 Series bags but fuck, I am so glad I did!! haha!!"
- Concealment Bag (charcoal), Magazine Pouch

**Berry Compliant** (Made by proud Americans)
 **Pending NSN**
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