Where did you get the name 18 Series from?

The Army's Special Forces Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) 18, commonly referred to as Green Berets, make up a collection of jobs within a Special Forces Operational Detachment Alpha (ODA), or A-Team.

Every bag on this website was designed and built by two Green Berets.

The history of Special Forces dates back to 1952 (See Special Forces History). The Career Management Field (CMF) 18, created as a result of the 1986 Nichols-Goldwater Act, resulted in the Special Forces becoming a branch of the United States Army. 

The following is a list of CMF-18 positions;

18A  - Detachment Commander (AKA Team Leader) (O-3/Captain) 
Responsible for everything that does or doesn't happen on an ODA. In the rear,  the Team Leader represents the detachment to get the best mission.  While forward, helps to bring external assets to the fight.  A solid Team Leader is worth their weight in gold.  

18B  - Weapons Sergeant (Senior/Junior)
If you ask, the Weapon Sergeant will tell you the rest of the MOS on an ODA are support to the 18B, and we love them for it! Having 18Bs on your team is a cross between having an expert armorer and Pvt. Conrad Vig shooting a couch with a shorty shotgun (from the movie 'Three Kings').  

18C - Engineer Sergeant (Senior/Junior)
The MOS tasked to build, destroy, and keep the detachment organized.  The Engineer Sergeant is crucial to an A-Team. 18Cs  are some of the most hardened, skilled, and professional soldiers in the US Army.   

18D - Medical Sergeant (Senior/Junior)
Trained in everything from trauma, nursing, and veterinary medicine, the 18D is the equivalent of the Detachment's fire extinguisher.  You don't always need medical help, but when you do, the 18D will save your life and get you home.   

18E - Communications Sergeant (Senior/Junior)
When your life depends on communicating to higher, your 18E will come through every time.  An 18E epitomizes Shoot, Move, AND Communicate. 
Unless you have sunspots.  Pesky pesky sunspots.  

18F - Intelligence Sergeant (E-7)
The only intelligence professional that risks his life on his own intelligence. If you are trying to keep your detachment busy with work, or safe, a good Intelligence Sergeant goes a long way.     

18Z - Detachment Sergeant, Team Sergeant (E-8)
The senior NCO of the team.  The Team Sergeant is the center of gravity of the ODA.  Capable of both carnage and diplomacy, compassion and pure violence, the 18Z is the most revered MOS in the United States Army.    

180 - Assistant Detachment Commander (WO1-CW2)
Serving as the Executive Officer of the detachment, the 180A is best described as the Detachments B-Team Leader.  Dependable, knowledgeable, and always prepared to use the buzzsaw to get the team back to the ORP.