SITREP 012 - Six GBs are running for Congress in 2022

SITREP 012 - Six GBs are running for Congress in 2022

18 Series Bag Company          SITREP 012                          05 February 2022

I have always worked alongside Green Berets that have inspired me. Guys that are always been prepared to help solve the problems that truly mattered. This SITREP is dedicated to the fella’s that want to continue solving problems, this time, in the legislative branch. 

The Special Forces Regiment has six Congressional candidates in six different states. In SITREP 008, I introduced Tyler Allcorn, running in Colorado (CO-08)  and Joe Kent, running in Washington State (WA-03).

Both men are phenomenal in their own rights. 

This week is dedicated to the additional former pipe-hitters running for Congress, Jay Collins (FL-14), Derrick Anderson (VA-07), Jason Bacon (AZ-06), and my man, Tony Cowden (NC-04).

Jay Collins, Florida’s 14th Congressional District

As a student in the Special Forces Qualification Course, students begin the 18D Medical Sergeants course with absolutely no idea of what you’re getting yourself into. Every day is a struggle. One slip of the pen, or scalpel, and you’ll find yourself in the extended Weapons Sergeant’s course (18B). During the course, everything outside of the schoolhouse suffers because the only thing that matters is passing the next test. Occasionally, you run into the senior class who seem to have no time to waste. I was lucky to have met one of those senior class guys, Jay Collins, who always took the time to make sure my upcoming class knew what was ahead of them. It wasn’t much to him, but it was to me. Later, I deployed to Afghanistan in 2007 and I had heard that Jay had been shot but returned quickly back to duty. I remember thinking, he’s still a stud. Later, Jay lost a leg but, as per SOP, he demonstrated his character to remain on active duty for a couple more years. Now Jay’s running for the 14th Congressional District (Tampa) in Florida. Turns out, his platform of cutting taxes, slowing down the never-ending government spending, border security, and reducing the existential threats to national security, has garnered the attention of a long list of supporters. Supporters include fellow Floridian, and Green Beret Mike Waltz (FL-06), Brian Mast (FL-18), Carlos Gimenez (FL-26), Jack Bergman (MI-01), Mark Green (TN-07), and the SEAL PAC, to name a few. Jay, count me in as a supporter and best wishes brother.   

Derrick Anderson, Virginia’s 7th Congressional District

Derrick is a cut above the typical Green Beret Team Leader. After successfully finishing his Team Leader time in 5th Special Forces, Derrick left the army only to graduate from Georgetown Law School and clerk for two federal judges (No Big Deal). While Derrick was burning-it-down, he made a name for himself by serving in the Office of National Drug Control Policy under the Trump Administration. After watching the withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan on national TV, Derrick decided to do something.  Mr. Anderson (said in that Matrix voice) threw his hat into the Primary ring and is running for Congress. His platform consists of reducing taxes, focusing on job stimulation, and securing the border. Virginia has been at the forefront of the conflict between parents and school boards, Derrick also wants to protect the education system from non-traditional curricula being implemented throughout Virginia. Derrick, I’ve read enough about the Parents Vs Schoolboard fight in Virginia to know that the Constituents of your district need you. Best of luck brother.   

Jason Bacon, Arizona’s 6th Congressional District

Jason Bason is running for the 6th Congressional District in the Great State of Arizona after 22 years of faithful service to our country. His last Battalion, 1/5th SFG(A), currently contributes three of the six Congressional candidates running (something is defiantly in the water fountains). Jason served on a team with a mentor of mine, Gordy. Gordy is one of the best Green Berets that I have ever known; he vouches for Jason. That means something to me.    
A guy like Jason deserves our support, especially with a platform based on countering rampant inflation, fighting big tech censorship, ensuring election integrity, and ensuring a secure border. Recently, the folks in Southern Arizona have suffered from an increase of illicit fentanyl trafficked into Arizona from Mexico. According to Border Patrol, for the first time in history fentanyl has exceeded heroin in drugs smuggled into the US from Mexico. I have been a resident of the Great State of AZ my entire adult life, I can attest to the need for strong representation in southern Arizona. Jason is the man to do it. Good luck brother.

Tony Cowden, North Carolina’s 4th Congressional District

Tony is that guy on your team that you can’t live without. He’s the dependable one, always first up to make coffee, first to load the trucks, first to unload, and never one to back down from a fight. Tony recently said, “I can tell you that my stance on any issue is derived from the three C’s. God’s Commandments, the Constitution, and my Constituents. At a recent town hall in Sampson County, Tony told the audience that he wasn’t running for Congress but rather, running to be their representative. As I said, he’s the guy you can’t live without. The constituents of North Carolina’s fourth district need Tony. In my opinion, so does the rest of the country. Get’em, brother.     

In the same week that headlines included censoring a podcast, they also included that we now have a pregnant male emoji. We need these strong Green Berets to help solve issues and steer this country through meaningful representation. I applaud their leap into the unknown. They’ve learned the power of asking the right questions to drive action. We need that more than ever in our elected representatives in Washington. 

This information paper is just that, information. I encourage everyone reading to visit our brothers' six websites (hyperlinks included), better learn their positions, and support our brothers. For twenty years I have heard guys talk about the support in our community, let’s prove it by signing up for their newsletter, donating $5 bucks, or spreading the word. They could use our support, and frankly, we could use some folks in DC that have had skin in the game (literally) solving issues and problems in the Legislative Branch.    

The primary election dates vary state to state but for some of our guys, they begin in May. The election takes place on November 8th, 2022. I wish them all the best. 

By the way, when are we getting an SF PAC?

Always forward.  - Matt

Next SITREP - We don’t have six Green Berets running for Congress. We have eight.


  • Patsy Hedrick

    i pray for all of the above candidates. We absolutely need you to go to Washington and get this country back to the principles we were founded upon. Most of all, I agree 100% on your views on crime, southern border, and keeping our military as the best in the world.

  • Alina Martin

    Dear Sirs, I just saw you interviewed on Fox News! May God bless you all during your congressional run! Candidates such as yourselves offer hope for the future of this country. God Speed, Dear Sirs. Thank you for your service in protecting and defending our incredible country.

  • Joseph Marra SGM (Ret)

    Where can I contribute?

  • Charles Bookwalter

    Just wanted to reach out to you about my congressional campaign as well. I’m running for Indiana’s 4th Congressional District.

    Charles Bookwalter
    B 2 1st SFG ODA 1225

  • Bob

    Great article brother. Always inspiring

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