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Our commitment to our Community

Forty combined years in Special Forces provided the inspiration and courage to do this. We think we've created something special.

A portion of every sale will go towards the 18 Series Foundation, a 501(C)3 we are currently building, dedicated to getting Green Berets back on their feet, and back in the fight.


The 18 Series fanny pack is one of the best designed
tactical fanny packs I have ever used. My daughter Lo has a very rare
neurological disorder that requires her to maintain life-saving medicine
within an arm's reach everywhere she goes. The multiple mounting configurations
allowed for an instant fit on her service dog's vest with no modifications! The
Fanny is ideal; it opens flat and provides her meds and instructions to be
easily viewed and utilized. A bonus is I can carry some essential items
alongside her meds in case of other emergencies. 

Gary C.