The 180 Faraday briefcase

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Our Faraday Briefcase drives down the risk posed by the hyper-enabled adversary. 

Our briefcase incorporates purpose-built survivability to strengthen digital hygiene through digital signature reduction.  

  • Electromagnetic environment (EME) blurring
  • Faraday capabilities to reduce and prevent threat detection
Our modular design provides intelligence professionals protection from aggressive electronic attacks from Foreign Intelligence Services, criminal elements, or industrial espionage. Even friendly foreign airports have become passive collection points, forcing passengers to pass through chokepoints designed to capture every detail of information about you. Keep your electronic identity secure and travel digitally unimpeded using our Faraday Briefcase.

Don't need your entire laptop bag?  Just peel the Phone or Tablet Faraday velcro pouches from the intelligence bag and keep your digital hygiene secure. 
The system consists of;
 Briefcase with Faraday Computer Sleeve

Easily add;
Removable Faraday Tablet Sleeve
Removable Faraday Cell-phone Sleeve


Our Faraday briefcase is made to order.  Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.
    **Berry Compliant** Made by proud Americans
     **Pending NSN**
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